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Grocery Cross-dock

The Fresher Way to Handle Grocery Fulfilment There’s a unique challenge in grocery fulfilment. Ambient, chilled and frozen goods have different temperature requirements and need to be stored in different zones. Fresh goods need to be ‘cross-docked’ (that is, despatched to stores same day without ever touching the warehouse storage racks). Then, operators need to consolidate the picked-flow and cross-dock flow, ensuring pallets/cages are correctly ordered so that heavier products don’t crush lighter ones.

This is how we make that easier:

  • Integrated Pick&Sort™ with AGI
    Integrated Pick&Sort™ is a unique fulfilment process powered by the AGI robot, it allows your operators to ‘pick in batch’ and sort in-aisle directly at the storage area. The result is a grocery fulfilment ‘best of the both worlds’: batch-pick gives you greater picking speed and efficiency. Sorting at the storage area saves operators time in transporting picked goods to another sorting area.
  • Auto cross-docking with AGI
    AGI makes cross-dock operations easy, enabling you to put mobile induction stations wherever is most convenient.
  • High-density destination chutes
    We designed multi-level high-density chutes in order to increase space utilisation in outbound/palletising areas.
  • Ultimate flexibility and agility
    Tailor Pick&Sort™ to your needs. Ask us to design flexible induction, travel route and outbound destinations across your warehouse.
  • Put Pick&Sort™ to the test
    Discover the power of Pick&Sort™. Start with a limited fleet of AGI robots, then scale the operation simply by adding more AGI robots as the business grows.

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Grocery Fulfilment

Get Ready For E-Grocery Growth

Unlike apparel, fashion and beauty, the growth in E-Grocery has been more measured. Global penetration is estimated at around 10%. By 2035, however, experts predict this will grow to 30%. At that scale, current E-grocery fulfilment processes (e.g. order picking with largely manual roller cages for non-cross-docked products) will be unviable.

This is how we help you respond to that:

  • Levi Cage Mover changes the game
    The LEVI autonomous forklift was specifically designed for autonomous moving roller cages. Its relatively light body delivers surprising manoeuvrability even with a rated payload of 500kg. That agility is further enhanced by parallel move functionality which makes operating in narrow aisles easy.
  • Swamp picking made simple
    Once it receives wave and order line information, LEVI’s proprietary fleet management software takes care of everything that follows, from sorting the order into individual tasks to dispatching robots and optimising the routes of the entire fleet.

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Manufacturing & B2B

Modern Factories Enjoy Highest ROI From Automation

Cost reduction is just the beginning. There are many more reasons modern factories have led the adoption of new automation technologies. Automation is supporting quality assurance and consistency. And since skilled factory workers are expensive, automation ensures their skills can be employed where they are of most benefit.

For all these reasons and more, manufacturers that introduce automation discover greater ROI from their robots than almost any other sector.

  • Pallet Shuttle 4D: The gold standard for overcoming the limitations of complicated conveyor systems
    For efficient manufacturing, modern factories need to ensure a constant flow of parts and components to final assembly. Quality assurance processes add to the logistical complexity. Conveyors are still widely used, but they require major investment, have long lead times and are inflexible when it comes to modification. They segregate floor space too.
    Pallet Shuttle 4D enables high storage density of components, taking full advantage of the high ceilings of many modern warehouses. High speed put-away and retrieval of whole pallets drives productivity. And as the pallet system is entirely automated, your workers are freed to take on higher value tasks.
  • Boost productivity automatically
    Pallet Shuttle 4D’s mini warehouse management system accurately manages every storage position, every retrieval and every put-away, enabling efficient management of both stored volume and number of pieces per hour. Its optimization programme can even run overnight to optimally position the pallets for the next day, based on your production plans.
  • Designed to scale 
    Modular design gives you huge flexibility, enabling you to add more shuttle robots to the system as throughput capacity increases.

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